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Yaelisa has trained and coached many dancers both in Southern California and the Bay Area since 1993. Known as an authority on all aspects of the art of flamenco, Yaelisa has made it her vocation to endow and develop future dancers with the knowledge necessary to pursue professional careers or simply to reach their personal goals as dancers, musicians and artists, imparting her insight and experience relevant to flamenco as an evolving art, which constantly moves and shifts with the trends and the times. Many of her students moved to Spain and developed their careers or have worked with her in the past and currently as members of her second company of pre-professionals. She has a ‘school of flamenco’ based in Oakland, California whose focus is to help students both enjoy the study of flamenco as a hobby, to achieve their goals, and gives performances opportunities regularly to those who want to go a step further and gain the important tablao experience necessary for ALL flamencos. Tablao experience is characterized by its raw, momentary and un-rehearsed performances where flamencos gain their best experience and learn to improvise. Her gifts as an improviser are well-known, and she is one of the few instructors working diligently to develop these qualities in her students.

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