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This competition is designed to give women an opportunity to experience free expression and create a piece that will be inspiring, challenging and fun. Whether you dances Bachata, salsa, Flamenco, Contemporary, hip-hop or fusion, this competition will allow you to think outside the box and incorporate any style you want into your Competition routine. 

1st Place Prize

  • Trophy.

  • 1 pair of GFranco Shoes.

  • 1 Full pass to 2024 Bella.

  • 1 Full pass to SF Salsa Festival 2023 or 2024

  • $200 cash


DAY OF COMPETITION​- Things to know! 

  • Tech Rehearsal: 5-6pm ( Optional)

  • Music Check: 5pm-6pm (Mandatory)

  • Check in at registration.

  • Waiting area: Back Studio

  • Call Time: 9- 9:30pm

  • Selecting lineup order: 9:30pm ( Competitors  must be there )

  • Meeting with the judges: 10:00pm

  • Competition starts: 10:30pm

  • NOTE: If you are using props or any special effect please let Kathy Reyes know in advance, so that we can organize with our production manager. We would love to provide as much as we can make this amazing experience for you.


  • Jo Quinones- Graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Professional and versatile dancer since 1997.  More about Jo Click Here

  • Yaelisa- Known as an authority of all aspects of the art of Flamenco.

  • Ava Apple- Over 25 years of dance experience, Bay Area local instructor.

  • Liz Rojas- Acknowledged for her ability to provide fresh, accessible and entertaining salsa dance instruction for the social dance environment.


Saturday March 4, 2023

  • OPEN LEVEL Solo Competition. A minimum of 3 dance Teams are required to compete in this division for the prize money to be validated and rewarded.

  • Choreography REQUIRED! - Music and routine can be a fusion of different genres or you can focus in one genre only.

  • Each Soloiest will perform a routine no less than 1:30 and no longer than 2:30 minutes. A penalty of 3 points of the final score will be deducted if competitors fail to meet music requirement.  Song must be edited to end where you choose 

  • Competitors must provide competition music by email to,  no later than 4pm day of event. If you are unsure of your music, please contact organizer to avoid a disqualification.


  • APPROPRIATE COSTUME REQUIRED. Keep in mind this is a family friendly venue.


  • 20% Overall Appearance - Confidence, Costume, hair and makeup.

  • 20% Technique- Proper execution of moves, and balance in the style selected.

  • 20% Musicality and timing- Ability to interpret the musical instruments of the genre(s) selected. Keeping up with the beat.

  • 40% Overall Choreography and Presentation- Creativity, originality, Intricacy of movements, Unity, synchronization. Who brought it!


  • PROP: A prop is defined as any item that is not part of costume worn by dancer.

  • GENRE: a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

If you are interested in having your team compete, please contact Kathy Reyes at for further information

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