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Jackie discovered her passion for music when she started playing piano at a young age. Shortly thereafter she discovered her passion for dance with her first dance class at age 8.  Since then, she has trained in a wide variety of genres, under many instructors all over the world.  Jackie has found a way to combine both her passion for music and her passion for dance through teaching and DJ’ing.


Jackie’s approach to music and dance transcends movement. Her unique style and approach is founded on a deep connection with the music and leverages that connection to express life through movement. Her desire is to empower others by cultivating, within them, a connection with the music and their inner most feelings to let their positive light shine.


"Dance is more than simply dance - it is an outward reflection of our inner most feelings.”  -Jackie Danza


With over 25 years of experience, Jackie has established herself as a choreographer, performer, competitor, and DJ. More specifically the past 15 years, she has evolved her style into one focused on connection in Latin genres of partner dance. Her greatest love is sharing her passion with others and helping people achieve their goals.


Her private lessons, workshops, and DJ sets are infused with a deep knowledge of movement, styling and the principles of deepening connection on the dance floor, all of which reflect her appreciation and love of music and dancing.

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